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Does your child have peanut allergy or other serious food allergy? 


We are dedicated to helping kids with peanut allergy stay safe.

Peanut allergies among children are growing at an alarming rate. The
reason for this increase is unclear. Approximately 1% of the population is
allergic to peanuts and/or tree nuts (roughly 3 million people). It is important to remember that this is a potentially life-threatening, and usually lifelong condition. Very few children outgrow their allergy to peanuts. Prevention and planning are the keys to reduce the risk of an accidental ingestion.


1. Read food labels on everything before you allow your child to eat.
2. Have your child's Epi-Pens (2 or 3) and antihistamine with him/her at all times.
3. If you are not with your child, make sure a responsible adult knows the signs of an allergic reaction and how to treat it.
4. Have an emergency plan in case of accidental ingestion.
5. Teach your child not to accept food from others without your approval.
6. Educate yourself on food allergies. Stay informed. Know the signs of anaphylaxis.

Teach your child to speak up about his or her food allergy. 
Our book will encourage your child to do just that!

Allergy Express:

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 40-page coloring and activity book.

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Allergy Express
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An absolute must-have for families with a youngster who is allergic to peanuts, September 14, 2005

    An estimated 1% of the U.S. population is allergic to peanuts and/or tree nuts. The Peanut Pickle: A Story About Peanut Allergy combines the gifted storytelling of Jessica Ureel (the parent of a child with a severe peanut allergy) with the charming color illustrations of Elizabeth Brazeal. It tells the story of a young boy who is allergic to peanuts. Peanut allergy is a very serious condition; not only must he avoid eating peanuts or any food with peanut ingredients, but he cannot even touch peanuts or he will swell up with hives and become very sick. For this reason he cannot be around other kids if they have sticky peanut butter on their face, or are eating snacks with peanuts. He knows he must not eat food unless it has an ingredient label that adults have checked. It is important for him to speak up and tell others he has a peanut allergy. "My peanut allergy is a part of me. It goes with me wherever I go. And that's okay. People who care about me want me to stay safe and healthy. I care about myself, too." The Peanut Pickle describes many situations in which a potentially life-threatening exposure to peanuts can and must be avoided by speaking up, finding alternative foods, or even alternative activities. A final page offers rules for kids with peanut allergy and their parents to follow, such as "Carry your Epi-Pen with you at all times" and "Do not eat food if you don't know what's in it". An absolute must-have for families with a youngster who is allergic to peanuts, and a useful educational resource for teaching all children about food allergies.


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